Len does a lot of teaching and speaking at conferences & seminars for youth workers, ministry leaders, and parents.   He is not a lecturer, but rather is committed to active learning in which seminar attenders engaged the extensive content Len presents with interaction during each session.  Experience includes the National Youth Ministry Weekend of Youthscape in the UK , Simply Youth Ministry Conference of Group Publishers,  the National Youth Workers Convention of Youth Specialties, and regional gatherings of youth workers, pastors, or parents.


Here is a sample list of seminar titles, with descriptions:

 Everyday Soul Care for the Hurried, Harried, and Heart-Stressed

Our lives are busy, right?  This session offers important  insights into how we can view our own spiritual journey, and see this aspect of our lives as one of flourishing instead of duty or survival.  

 The Most Common Mistakes Youth Workers Make (and how to avoid them)

Youth workers in ten countries were surveyed. This is a fascinating exploration of human error when it comes to youth ministry, in four categories: 1) our own soul care and primary relationships, 2) working with youth directly, 3) working with adults who work with youth, and 4) working with those above.

Made By God:  Harnessing Your Personality for Effective Leadership
You’ve got what it takes!   Understanding your God-customized personality not only helps in understanding yourself (and your friends), but this same understanding impacts your youth ministry in a mighty way. Personality’s connection to spiritual gifts and “Strengths Finders 2.0” will be considered here as well.   We’ll do some laughing in this session, but there will be some “ah ha” moments, guaranteed!  

Student Leadership

Here we explorer not just the why of student leadership and student leadership teams, but the what and how. Another way to say it…this seminar is about how to enfold, encourage, equip, and unleash student leaders (even 12-14 year olds!). One positive outcome of a well functioning student leadership team is we say good-by to the sorrowful youthworker cry “But nobody came!”

The Emergence of Muslim Youth Ministry, and Its Implications
There are over 1900 Mosques and Islamic Centers in the US, about 20% of them have their own youth ministries.  Muslim youth ministry, like its Christian counterpart, is organized nationally, regionally, and locally in the US.  This session explores the foundation and models of youth work done by Muslims for Muslims.  What can we learn from them?  In what way could the rise of Muslim youth ministry actually turn out to be a good thing for the Christian church, Christian family, and Christian youth ministry?

Avoiding the Top Five Pitfalls That Lead to Ministry Burnout
That awful, aching, “being fried” feeling is familiar to many youth workers.  Here we’ll look at the main reason identified by youth workers in both the US and Europe as to what sends ‘em down toward burnout-land.  More important, we’ll consider positive proactives to help keep ourselves (and those around us) fresh and renewed in ministry. 

Brain Rules For Youth Workers
The Brain Rules franchise of books is drawing wide acclaim in education and business, and is proving helpful to parents as well.  In this session, we’ll see how these emerging research-based insights from neuroscience can make a help us…in our personal lives, as well as our youth ministry

For Volunteers Only:  A Field Guide to Thriving in Ministry
Congratulations!   To be a volunteer youth worker is a high and wonderful calling.  But yikes!  Sometimes it can feel like a journey without map or gps.  In these two short hours we’ll dive into many topics and issues that not only orient you, but give solid handles so you’ll be making progress on the journey that is youth work.  For newcomers to YM and experienced alike.

Teaching the Bible For Life Change  
Do your youth seem disinterested , distracted, or bored when you give a “youth talk” or teach?  In this session you will learn the Hook-Book-Look-Took format for teaching combined with Howard Hendrick’s ‘Seven Laws of the Teacher.”   This is not a 4 hour lecture…you’ll not only experience this method of teaching, but learn the practical steps of how to prepare and present.  You will also learn how to teach this method to others.  Come prepared to dive in and learn how to speak and teach in such a way that youth are happily engaged, and results in real God-inspired life change.