Loving being part of the 3rd Annual Conference on Confirmation Practices in Europe, being held near Helsinke Finland.  So interesting to be among academics who are passionate about youth really understanding their Christian faith, as well as passionate about halting the decline of the European church, and at the same time being passionate about doing social science research that is credible.  

   Yes it snowed here yesterday, June 17.  Sun went down at 11pm, and was up before 4AM.  Got a chance to be one of 16 rowers of a Viking style ship out on the lake next to the conference venu.  

   The paper I presented yesterday was not on confirmation, but was an exploration about theology and youth work praxis in South Africa, Australie, the UK, the US, and Finland.  It was my first report of  my new research.  Good attendance at my session and good feedback.


AuthorLeonard Kageler