So I had a little down time in the UK last week  prior to the speaking events on my schedule.  So, as I love to do,  a few hours on Britrail took me to Haltwhistle, a scenic and small town a little south of the Wall.   My two previous hikes on the Wall had been in year in blowing snow, and the other in pelting rain/wind.  So, wow, the sun was shining and the fields were a rich rich green!

On went my earphone and I plugged in my favorite worship band track and sang with gusto as I walked along the wall and the country roads.  Sheep, and their young lambs, were everywhere,...most fled in terror at my off-key singing.  (Lamb to Mom:  "Mommy, what is that awful sound!????")    

All in all, for me if not for the sheep, a wonderful time!




AuthorLeonard Kageler